Item collection 7153349 original

A simple but elegant personal Easter egg card to warm hearts. Spring fever gift idea for March and April. All natural materials. Handmade.


Item collection 7153361 original

Floral spring fever nature embroidery card. Excellent Easter, March and April gift idea. All natural materials. Soothing flower colors.


Item collection 7153294 original

Spring is here floral natural design card. A ladybug in the green leaves and flowers of a blooming tree. Easter, March, April gift idea.


Item collection 7153340 original

Cards with colorful sailboats. Set of 3. Boats are decorated with bright flags and surrounded by blue waves of the sea. Each ship unique.


Item collection 7153343 original

Easter egg in nest card. Spring floral design. All natural materials. Gift idea for March or April. Spring fever feel. Soft colors.


Item collection 7153355 original

Multicolor airplanes cards, set of 3. Perfect for boys or someone going on a trip or interested in planes or watching the sky.


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